“Did you know that refrigeration appliances can be the most energy consuming products in your home/offices?”

Save on costs with Solar DC refrigerators and freezers

Solar Xpress offer you quality solar refrigeration solution with low electricity consumption requiring smaller, less expensive PV power systems and has low operating expense. The energy efficient technology allows our refrigerators to cost effectively be solar powered hence used in off-grid locations or areas where power is prohibitively expensive.


The design is optimized for energy savings with an efficient, zero maintenance, brushless, and thermostaticallycontrolled12V or 24V DC compressor. The Fridges and freezers are high quality designs with powdered-coated galvanized steel exterior,  Aluminium interior and automatic shut-off that provide excellent long trouble-free service life.


They also feature low frost system that reduces frost and moisture build-up for low maintenance.


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These highly energy efficient units with exceptionally low electricity consumption require a smaller photovoltaic (PV) system for your refrigeration needs.