Off-Grid/ Stand Alone Solar Power System

 Being off-grid means you are in remote locations not connected to the grid’s power system thus requires alternative source of power.

At Solar Xpress, we install Off-Grid Solar Systems to generate electricity in such situations where:

  • Mains power is completely not available.
  • Mains power is very expensive to transmit due to long distances from the grid system.
  • The client wishes to become independent of the grid; Generate own reliable and affordable power.
  • You want to drastically reduce/save on power operation costs incurred by using other sources of energy like running a generators.
  • Want to Go Green and reduce on the environmental impact/ Carbon foot print.
  • Add value to your property/investment.
  • The monthly fixed connection cost is exuberant relative to the consumption cost.

All power is generated by the solar panels and a battery bank stores excess power for use at night or when there is no sun shine. Because solar is the main source of power, many off-grid systems integrate multiple charging sources such as hydro-power, wind or generator to supplement emergency power requirements and even recharge the batteries.
Off Grid Solar systems are typically over designed to include more solar modules and more battery capacity to cater for days of poor weather conditions e.g. rain, when there is little solar power generation. The battery capacity needs to allow for this in order to ensure a continuous supply of electricity.

Our off-grid solutions are designed to specific energy requirements in each case and range from relatively small private solutions to supplying whole villages and delivering industrial solutions.
Contact us for all your Off-grid Solar PV requirement and we shall offer a quality and reliable solution,toiled to your specific energy needs:

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