Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid Solar system is a combination of Solar PV power and grid power or generator or wind. It prioritizes solar power to run your loads, seconded by grid/generator power supplies which kicks in automatically through programmed hybrid inverter.

Excess power generated by solar panels is stored in a battery bank for later use when there is no sunshine (at night/during very bad weathers). Where applicable, surplus electricity is fed back to the mains grid . The ability to store energy enables hybrid solar systems to also operate as a solar power back up system during blackout, similar to a UPS system. This maximizes energy independence and resilience through self consumption thus is aperfect design for businesses and home owners.

The hybrid Solar system utilizes hybrid inverters that draw electrical power to and from battery banks, as well as synchronize with the Grid Power/ Generator as the secondary power source. When the stored energy in the batteries is depleted or there is a higher energy demand, the programmed hybrid inverter will automatically by-pass solar system to grid power/generator thus provides a smart hybrid combination of all energy sources, allowing consumers to have an alternate and uninterrupted cost-effective power supply during the day and night.

The system has an hybrid inverter to automatically run your loads on below sequence/options.

  • 1 st Priority – Solar PV Power will run your connected load.
  •  2 nd Priority -Battery bank will be used up to 50-70%.- or as per the set battery bank depth of discharge
  • 3rd Priority – Electricity grid/Generator will be used in case of extra uses

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