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Lit CO - Southern Batteries- India



Conventional Lead acid batteries has been re-designed by understanding the Indian Tropical climate and Start – stop drive named as Superior Flooded

Batteries (SFB) – Hi Power Technology: Proven technology that delivers inexhaustible power reserves to meet any challenge.

Use of Calcium – Ag alloy is unique among Indian manufacturers by which Hi-Power Battery reduces water loss to a minimum. The use of thicker electrodes also drastically increases cyclic stability against the conventional flooded batteries.

Hi-Power Automotive batteries with this unique spirit of innovation are that they’re completely maintenance-free and have significantly longer service life, improved safety and more power.

Hi-Power Premium Range Automotive batteries comes in two ranges to serve the complete Indian Automotive segment.

A Superior Flooded Technology – Low Maintenance 

B Hybrid Technology – Ultra Low Maintenance

Lit CO - Exide - India

  • Chloride is the premium global battery brand of storage power solution offered by Exide Industries Limited (EIL) India. Chloride batteries are designed with extra attention on diverse global requirements. Over the years, the Chloride battery brand has been grown through a continuous and consistent focus and evolved as a brand with contemporary values.
  • Chloride boasts of an international distribution network and service, which is continuously monitored and kept contemporary through evolving life cycles, and is always ahead of competition.

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