Power Back-Up Solution

Power Back-up System

Power Back-Up System Keep your business running and home secured by having an emergency power back-up solution to support all your critical systems during power black outs. Have electricity on your own terms.. Any day, Any time to power your essentials appliances like data centers, CCTV Cameras, servers, computers, lights, refrigeration, Air Cons, Pumps, Biometric […]

Commercial & Industrial Solar Power

Grid Tied Solar power is the most effective way of reducing your power consumption and a good step to going green. They are ideal for saving or reduce your monthly electricity expenses and offers the best Solar Return on Investment. Here the solar energy generated during the day is immediately consumed by the electrical load […]

Solar Water Heating

 Solar water heater use the sun energy to heat water during the day. This hot water is stored inside an insulated solar hot water tank for use whenever required. The sun rays have enough energy to heat water up to 55°C to 70°C which is more than sufficient for bathing and washing purpose in bathrooms […]