Power Back-Up System

Keep your business running and home secured by having an emergency power back-up solution to support all your critical systems during power black outs. Have electricity on your own terms.. Any day, Any time to power your essentials appliances like data centers, CCTV Cameras, servers, computers, lights, refrigeration, Air Cons, Pumps, Biometric login systems, communication and entertainment gadgets, electric gates, life support machine, ATMs etc.

Solar Xpress Solar Power back-up solution provides you with seamless power supply during outages from grid power. The system is customized to your specific power requirements and hours of operation with automatic change overs between the grid power and your battery bank. It offers you continuous reliable power to run your critical loads hence Life Goes On Uninterruptible. You are fully powered 24/7 as usual; food cold and fresh, your lights on, keep in touch with the world, get entertained, transact businesses and enjoy greater peace-of-mind and security during power outages.


Our Solar power back-up systems are safe, cost-effective, reliable and easy to use with almost zero percent maintenance cost. They are recharged either with the Grid power, Generator or can be integrated with a set of solar panels.

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Contact us for all your residential, commercial and industrial Power Backup requirements and Say Goodbye to inconveniences caused by grid power failures.

Inverter For Power Back-Up System
Professional Batteries for Power Back-Up System

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