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Get A Quick and Easy Solar Project Financing:

We offer competitive Solar Project financing packages to make transition to solar energy affordable and easy for our customers.We provide the below payment options.

1.Cash Purchase

You make Upfront Full payments for the solar system.

2. Solar Loan

You own the solar system and pay for it over time.

Collateral may be required

3. Solar Lease

You make a pre-agreed monthly payment out of your Solar Saving and eventually own the solar system when the lease period lapses.

4. Solar PPA

Solar Power Purchase Agreement is a contract to buy solar power generated by the solar system at a set rate.

Why Go Solar?

Going solar allows you to generate your own free energy from the sun and significantly reduces your electricity bills.
This energy independence protects you against rising electricity costs and volatile fuel prices.
With analysts forecasting continued increases in electricity rates, solar remains a cost-effective solution and an
investment that generates significant long-term savings on electricity bills.

Sustainable housing solutions such as solar power and solar hot water increases the value of your property assets and
make them more attractive to buyers/tenants. Studies have shown properties with solar systems sell up to 20 percent
faster and at a 17 percent premium compared to homes without such systems.

Photovoltaic Solar Power produce clean electricity for a greener environment. Using fossils fuel to generate power
emit greenhouse gasses, pollutes the atmosphere and contributes to the global warming crisis.

Solar panels are silent and have no moving parts, meaning you can be guaranteed a long lifespan from your system.
Our solar panels also come with a 25-year+ warranty

Enough sunlight reaches the earth in one hour to power the world for an entire year. Unlike the substantial resources
and capital needed to extract and burn fossil fuels, anyone can purchase and install solar panels to take advantage of this abundance of sunlight.

Why Choose Solar Xpress Ltd?

Customers’ delight is our Utmost priority and we endeavor to serve them beyond their expectation. We offer Exceptional Customer Experience through Exemplary value added and customized Smart Energy Solutions that meet our clients’ specific energy needs..

We offer competitive pricing for Quality, Reliable and Affordable products and solutions that provide optimum performance and better Value for your Energy Investments.(ROI)

We have the sufficient Manpower with the relevant extensive expertise and experience to offer tailor-made Turnkey Energy solutions..

Our ERC certified engineers provide continuous high-level installations in order to ensure the optimum performance of your solar systems and with aesthetics.

We offer products & workmanship warranty backed up by available spare parts and impeccable customer care, always available to attend to your queries.
We are also easily accessible through our versed geographical network of field support team.

In all our business dealing, we serve our esteemed clients with the highest levels of Transparency.

We follow the law of the land and do the right thing at all times in order to achieved the most admired standards of Ethics.

Our Impact

Solar Xpress is powering and transforming lives through Solar and Water Solutions.

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